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Living autism day-by-day Book for Sale at CLQW

Community Living Quinte West is proud to offer this book for sale at a cost of $25.00 CDN each.

Please contact Darlene Dale @ 613-394-2302 or by email @ to onbtain your copy.

What People Are Saying About


“Pamela Bryson-Weaver has done a remarkable job creating a
beautiful mosaic consisting of heartfelt disclosures, universal
wisdom, and scientific knowledge. Living autism is a
journal chronicling the trials and tribulations and most impor-
tantly the joys and the growth that a loving parent of a child with
autism goes through on a daily basis. And while the book is a
useful, heart-to-heart guide to all parents of children with special
needs, it is also a love letter from mother to son. For a moment,
I started reading the book as if I were the child for whom it was
written. The love, compassion, and devotion that emerged made
me feel invincible. Living autism dqy.ry.dqy is written with the kind
of love that makes us all better people.
~ Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist,
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

“This devotional, soul-searching book Living autism,
will provide the missing component that all professionals rarely
address. The feelings of a parent or caregiver of a child with
an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis. It is from the point of
view of a mother that has experienced these feelings for over 15
years. The daily tidbits of information in each month offer hope,
advice, inspiration and resources. A great read for moral support,
even if your child doesn’t have autism.”
~ Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, MA
Speech-Language Pathologist, (positive Parenting Expert with
thirty-five years of experience and Author of My Bary Compass.
Kathryn speaks and appears on television nationally as the
Positive Parenting Expert.)

“Living autism It is beautiful. What I found so powerful
and inspiring was that your content can apply to ANYBODY!!!
It does not have to be about autism. I loved it! I love your writing!
I see your book as a tool to inspire others!”
~ Ann McIndoo, CEO / Founder of
So, You Want To Write! Author of “7 Easy Steps to Write Your
Book” – #1 Bestseller on Kindle and Amazon!

“Great passion here, Pamela. The depth of your care and your
commitment to providing support, and a supportive book for
people living with autism is strong. Kudos on living the challenges
bravely and bringing this manuscript together. Your strengths in
this manuscript include your passion and commitment, which is
evident in the writing, and some great points of wisdom, both in
your writing, and the quotes you’ve collected. You share some
great insights and perspective and many useful, practical suggestions.
Just for Today: these are an excellent idea-to conclude each
day’s segment with focus point that a person can personalize and
take into their day. Well done.
~ Karah Mamone, Freelance Editor & Writing Coach

“Understand, My Love, I BELIEVE in You, and you make a
DIFFERENCE. I do believe in you, honey, and know that your
book will be successful because you did it with the intention
of helping others. I also have seen firsthand that you make a
difference by the number of people I meet when I travel that
somehow or another are connected to you. You are a beautiful
soul who has definitely given back to the world and who still has
more to give. I have loved you from the day we met, love you
now, and will love you for all time.”
~ Your Love-Crazed Husband, Perley Weaver

Mission Statement

Community Living Quinte West will at all times support persons served to live, work, and participate as integrated and valued members of their community.

Vision Statement