Transitional Aged Youth

THE Transitional Housing Experience empowers young individuals with an intellectual disability on their journey to independent living.

 Our proven framework focuses on essential life skills, supported by experienced staff who guide residents through our Six-Step Service Model.

 Explore our CHOICE initiative, fostering interpersonal skills in key areas. At THE, we create an inclusive, prejudice-free environment, for filling routines for well-being and growth.

 Join us in nurturing confidence, and connection for a positive, independent future.”

Good Good Good! (when asked about staff support)

Trillium Christmas Walk!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year, so let’s enjoy it!

“THE” Transitional Housing Experience enjoyed a fun day outside getting exercise at the Trillium Christmas Walk!

Everyone loved the mild day and having fun in the community with friends their age!

Staff support and transportation are provided!

For more information, please reach out to

Shatter Room – Community Living Quinte West takes pride in supporting people to think differently! Managing emotions can be challenging at any age. CLQW has noted that clinical support isn’t always an option. At “THE,” we support transitional-age youth with outside-of-the-box experiences.

 In this session at THE SHATTER ROOM, we had the youth tell us prior to going in, “How they were feeling?” “What worry did they have?” With this information, staff were able to help focus on these feelings while releasing energy and enjoying the time!

After the staff had each reflected on how they were feeling now. 

Noted difference in all while hanging with like-minded friends! 

If you are between the ages of 18-29, have an intellectual disability, and want to learn more about our services, call

COOKING – THE has started a Wednesday Night Cook Night! – 

This cook night included Cooking with Fire! – Hot Sauce fire! The fun we had as friends preparing meals and trying new foods was terrific!

If you are interested in learning more about THE – Transitional Housing Experience, Reach out to